AmeriPlan Review Made Easy

Someone approached me to review AmeriPlan. I take the call and I decided to go through the product and the company to write a fair review and to help the readers to take the right decision. I have written this review after doing a thorough research about the product. Therefore, you can trust every word and can follow them.

Review of the Company

AmeriPlan is the creation of Dennis Bloom and Denial Bloom. Dennis Bloom is the CEO and Daniel Bloom is the President of the company. Both launched the company in 1992. These twin brothers have designed this company to offer a cost-effective and high-quality health care program.

Review of the Products

AmeriPlan review offers three types of the monthly subscriptions mostly based on the saving plans.

AmeriPlan Dental Plus: It offers immediate saving on the vision, dental, chiropractic, and hearing services.
AmeriPlan Med Plus: It offers twenty-four hours access to a doctor through different ways including phone or email. You will save money on the prescription, ancillary care, and hospital advocacy.
AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus: It offers combo memberships that include Med plus, Dental plus, and additional-non-medical discounts.

Compensation Plan

In this plan, the affiliates are allowed to sell the monthly subscriptions to the personally sponsored affiliates and retail customers. That is how the compensation plan works.

Commission Qualifications

For this facility, you need to be active to qualify. That means you need to purchase a monthly subscription or you will have to sell minimum one to any retail customer. There will not be any mandatory autships.

Direct Subscription Commission Payout

It will be paid out when you prefer to sell to a retail customer. The commissions will be paid in advance. They believe that the customers will pay the subscriptions for the minimum period of five months. The subscription price will increase in every month. For example, if you pay $19. 96, the second retail subscription fee will be $39.92. You will have to pay it as the advance commission. Similarly, third retail customer subscription will be $39.92. Moreover, the advance commission price will reset in every month.

Recruitment Commission Payout

This is similar to the retail purchased. But the major difference between these two is here you will have to sell to a newly sponsored affiliate. The subscription fee will be different from the above one. You will have to pay more for this subscription. For one sponsored affiliate, you will have to pay $39.92 in a month. For the two affiliates, it will be $49, 90. Similarly, for the three sponsored affiliates, it will be $59, 88. For the four, five, six, and eleven, it will be $69. 86,$ 79. 84, $ 89.82, and $ 99. 80 respectively. If you consider sponsoring more affiliates for a month, you will have to pay more depending on the month. You can visit the website to know more about the price for the more affiliates.

Residual Income Commissions

It will be paid by a unilevel compensation plan. It will be something like you, personally enrolled members; level ones personally enrolled members, and so on.

In this plan, you are the paid residuals on the percentage of the subscription volume that becomes generated by generations within the unilevel team. All the generations will follow this rule. It will add all including the regional sales director, senior regional sales directors, executive sales director, senior executive sales director, national sales director, and national vice president. The generations will be sold separately for every unilevel leg.

Sales Team Bonus Payout

Once your downline sells fifty or above subscriptions in a month, you will get $500 as the bonus.

Centennial Club

If you generate a hundred points in the new subscription volume in a month that will be almost four subscriptions, you can earn $2500 as the bonus.

Vacation Trip

If downline sells a minimum of fifty subscriptions each month, you will qualify for seven days and six nights trip with $10, 000 cash as the bonus.

Cadillac Club Bonus

For this, you need to earn $50, 000 or for the period of the twelve months. You will get a vehicle for four years lease. It will come with some terms and conditions. Moreover, there is no alternative of Cadillac club bonus.

Joining Cost

For the affiliate membership, you will have to pay at least $24.95 per year.

Final Verdict

AmeriPlan is a legit company. It has been in the industry since 1992. It follows some work ethics. Even if it has a two decades history, still it has not achieved the desired growth during this journey. I am not sure what is happening with the company and why it is not getting remarkable profits. But one thing I can suggest that you need to do a proper research before planning an investment.