INFINII Review – Legitimate Company or Scam Exposed?

I am writing this review of INFINII to tell you more precisely about this business opportunity. Someone else might have approached you earlier in persona or their social media in this regard. But this review will help you to know more precisely about the products and compensation plans offered by the company so that you can make a well informed decision to join it.

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I want to share with you my reasons to join this company. I have joined it after reviewing several other companies.

This company was founded by a trio- Kevin Hokoana, Jason Rose and Hitesh Juneja as its COO, CFO and CEO respectively. All of them were already successful and experienced business owners.

Earlier I joined a company that told me how to make money by drop shipping the items of the suppliers of eBay. But INFINII has provided better opportunities and tools to a common man to use ecommerce to make money easily.

At present this is a budding company and I am looking for the individuals interested in making money in this way. In order to qualify for this business opportunity you should click at the link given here under so that I may ask few questions to you.

If you are interested then you should read this review till end as I am going to share very important information with you that can help in improving your financial position in future.

Products of INFINII

INFINII offers three levels to join it. Each level provides you more opportunities and tools to make money.

Prime level available for $49.95 per month teaches you how to sell drop shipping on eBay. It is a step by step training program that allows you to start making money by sending the products directly from the supplier of the eBay or Amazon to the customer.

Surge level available for $149.95 per month includes everything of Prime level along with providing you analytic and automation platforms to help you know what is selling as hot item during a year. It will also allow you to know about your worst and best selling items so that you can give suggestions to eBay and Amazon to remove or add items from their lists accordingly.

Excel level available for $399.95 per month includes everything of its previous levels along with FBA training from Amazon. This step by step training will allow you to know how to get items from the wholesalers to send them to Amazon so that it can take care of your everything. It also allows you to access marketplace of INFINII to buy the items desired by your customers.

Springboard of INFINII

This service will help you to start your ecommerce business in a tiered manner. INFINII can help you to use Amazon to sell products for you. Though you can also use your own Amazon account to sell up to 15 products but if you do not have an Amazon account then INFINII will use its account with Amazon to sell products for you at a meagre per unit fee of 35 cents.

Tier-1 of springboard

This tier of springboard allows you to earn 5-25% profit after paying the 35 cents per unit fee of INFINII by selling your products through eBay or Amazon. INFINII will take care of the entire transaction. But nothing is guaranteed at this level as it is just the start of your business.

Tier-2 of springboard

You can use this tier if you are at Surge level. It will allow you to drop ship or buy a bit better 30 products from Amazon store or allow INFINII to sell some of them on your behalf.

Tier-3 of springboard

You can avail the benefit of this tier if you are at Excel level. It allows you to purchase up to 60 products to use or sell them through Amazon or eBay. You will have to pay $2 per unit if your want to buy more than 60 units.

Compensation plan of INFINII

I will tell you why this compensation plan if the best in this market. The overall payout percentage of this plan is 75% as compared to other plans that payout 35% only. Not physically stocking the products in the warehouses is the reason behind this difference. INFINII allows you to drop ship your physical products on Amazon or eBay. This entire compensation plan is a mixture of Binary and Uni-level teams.


Though you can consider this review as biased as I am still working with this company still this company offers the best business opportunities to make money