Motive Cosmetics – A Legit Company To Deal With?

I have come across many MLM companies and Motives Cosmetics MLM is also one such company. It is possible that you could have been approached by an associate of this company. Alternately, you could have gone to a home party where the products were being shared and talked about. I will, in this article will talk about the company, its products and the marketing plan which is built on the MLM plan. I will also be talking about the compensation plan so that it is possible for prospective people to take a decision based on facts and information.

A Look At The Company

The company, Motives Cosmetics was founded by Loren Ridinger and it became a formal company way back in 1997. The main focus of this company is women and they have a number of products aimed at them. This is because women like to make up and many women are also looking at home based business opportunities. Of course men can also be a part of this business and could help in selling the products and also building a team. I have found that there is a big market for cosmetics and it continues to grow at a rapid pace. I have also found that over the past many years, Motives Cosmetics has over the years been able to give women a chance to buy and use reasonably priced makeup and cosmetic products. They can do so all over the world. The women will also be in a position to increase their earnings by making use of the business opportunity which comes their way. I have also found out that the products as well as business has a reasonably large following and there are many celebrities who are also a part of this business and also use the products extensively.

What Are The Reasons For Its Success

I have seen that this company has been able to grow quite rapidly because they have a number of products to offer and customization is the name of the game which many women love.

It would now be interesting to have a closer look at the products.

The numbers of products are quite a few and therefore I am sharing only a few of the main categories:

Facial beauty and makeup products.

Eye makeup products.

Lip makeup product.

Products for skin care

Beauty products for nails.

Sun screen and sun protection products.

A number of cosmetic accessories such as eyelash curlers, brushes and applicators are also part of their product portfolio.

Are the Product Safe?

Though they claim that all their products are non comedogenic, hypoallergenic, paraben free, talo free and fragrance free, there are divided opinions on it. I also believe that many products contain anti ageing ingredients apart from having luminescent properties and also being rich in antioxidants.

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There are some studies which suggest that many products could have some questionable ingredients like Alcohol, Dipropylene Glycol, water, Butylene Glyclor, Camerllia sinensis and much more. However, I would not be in a position to confirm on the same and therefore would leave it to you to find out the truth behind it.

The Business Opportunity

I have found out that this business opportunity is quite attractive because it has a good commission structure for referring people into this business. It also puts lot of importance on direct sales. Here is a brief look at their compensation plan.

You can aspire to earn more than 30% as retail profit from your direct sale. You could also build a team and expect to earn around $300 per Beauty Party which could even go up to $600 per month. You can use any form of sales and it could be in person, through print media or through online sales. It is quite flexible.

I also have found the team revenue to be quite impressive and you become eligible for this revenue when your team sells these products from Motives Cosmetics. You need to build two team consisting of five beauty advisors and if they hold two even each month you can earn around $1,500 in commissions alone. This keeps on increasing depending on the number of teams which are able to build and hold home meetings.

The Final Verdict

After going through the products, the marketing plan, the MLM plan and the compensation plan, I am quite sure that this is a genuine and quality MLM company. This is because commissions and profits are generated from sale of products done either directly by a person or with the help of his/her team. There is no commission payable for mere recruitment of people.